Mixed Martial Arts Xenon Warrior

VO2 MAX test

Breathing xenon gas could be a game changer for MMA fighters. It takes just five minutes three days a week for MMA fighters, or endurance athletes, to increase their lung capacity improve stamina and prevent muscle fatigue.

XenAir Industries is so confident that their XenOx breathing exercise will increase your VO2 Max that they offer a money back guarantee, and they offer free VO2 Max testing at their facility in Orange County, California.

While increased VO2 Max is important to the MMA fighter, xenon gas training lets you exercise and fight longer and harder without getting out of breath.

What is Xenon Gas?

Xenon gas is an odorless, colorless, non-toxic, inert, noble gas with the symbol Xe and atomic number 54, which makes it about 5 times heavier than air. Xenon comprises about 9 parts per billion of the air we breathe, which makes it very rare and very expensive. Xenon does not naturally combine with other elements, and is not metabolized in the body.

How Does Xenon Work?

Xenon is usually breathed as a 50% xenon 50% oxygen mixture, although mixtures of 10% to 80% xenon are also used. It is known that a 50/50 xenon mixture will usually produce a temporary hypoxic state. (Blood oxygen level below 92%). And it is believed that xenon has a hypoxia-inducible factor-1α (HIF-1α) that creates EPO (Erythropoietin), which is a glycoprotein hormone that produced red blood cells. More red blood cells carry more oxygen. However, all blood tests of those breathing xenon gas, have not shown any significant RBC count. So the short answer is, no one knows. What is known, is xenon is harmless, and there are numerous reports of its beneficial medical use.

New - A Path to Chi

Every martial artist has heard of Chi as an internal energy that can be applied as a powerful external force. Yet no one in the MMA possesses it, and most likely you have no idea as to how to gain Chi.

The Xe Chi Breathing Method of breathing XenOx, xenon gas, is something every martial artist who has ever thought about gaining Chi should consider.

Why Xenon For MMA Fighters?

To understand how xenon would affect you as an MMA fighter, let me make a distinction between exhaustion and fatigue. Scientifically, there is no difference. But we aren’t scientists, and every mixed martial arts fighter is familiar with at least two types of fatigue.

The first I will call exhaustion, where you are completely out of breath. Let’s say you just did 30 Burpees in one minute and you’re bent over on the floor, head down, gasping for air. You can pound the floor with your fist, but you are EXHUSTED - OUT OF BREATH.

Burpee: You begin on your stomach with your chest touching the floor. Get up (any way you can) and leap up to touch a target 6 inches above your head with both hands.

The second I will call fatigue, meaning muscle fatigue, tendon fatigue, and mental fatigue. This most often occurs with the upper body, but it applies to the lower body as well. This happens often in arm wrestling, where two evenly matched opponents strain every muscle in their hand and arm, until the loser has no strength left. He isn’t out of breath. He can get up and shake his arms, and even jump. But his arm is fatigued to the point of being useless until it can recover.

Of course you can also do things where you are completely fatigued and exhausted, and breathing xenon helps with exhaustion.

Back to the Burpees: You are a Xenon Warrior, and just did 30 Burpees in one minute. Your legs are fatigued. You can push up, but you can’t pull yourself up off the floor with your legs. You’re breathing heavily but you are not gasping for air. You can turn over on your back, and start punching with 90% power, because you are NOT EXHUSTED, and your arms are not fatigued.

The Xenon Warriors Train Harder - Train Smarter!

You don’t have time to train like a professional, so you need to train smart. If you’re working eight hours a day, five days a week, you don’t have the luxury of training programs that increase your endurance. Even if you have nothing else to do but train, you would be wasting your time and money on endurance training programs. They simply are not designed for MMA fighting.

You need endurance, and the first enemy of endurance is exhaustion. How many times have you seen two MMA fighters go all out at each other only to be exhausted after two minutes and hold onto each other until one finally gives out and is beaten into submission?

XenAir gas training helps allows you to take in more oxygen (increase your VO2 Max) and to better utilize the oxygen in your system. It is so effective in most training that you will experience muscle fatigue before you get exhausted.

XenAir gas training helps allows you to take in more oxygen (increase your VO2 Max) and to better utilize the oxygen in your system. It is so effective in most training that you will experience muscle fatigue before you get exhausted. In other words, you train your muscles while xenon helps you from becoming exhausted.

The Xenon Warrior doesn’t fight three 5-minute rounds. He fights a single seventeen minute round, and trains 15 minutes – endurance training - for that round. Running is out. Spinning and virtually every endurance machine is out. The Xenon Warrior trains for the fight, and he trains smart.

Skipping rope and the speed bag are the only boxing training exercises the Xenon Warrior uses, and both of those he builds up to high intensity 15-minute sessions. The rope is for timing and endurance. When you can last 15-minutes, you put sandbags with increasing weight on your ankles. The speed bag is for timing and upper body endurance. You need to keep your arms up for 15-minutes in the cage, but you will see most cage fighters begin to drop their arms after the first round. When you can last 15-minutes, you put sandbags with increasing weight on your wrists. You do the training, xenon gives you the oxygen you need.

Burpees are great for endurance, but only for endurance. Kicks are better. But you need to know the martial arts kicks before you can use them. Of the 72 Kenpo kicks, 40 can be used effectively in the Cage. Kicks are always practiced against a bag or dummy, which means you pace each kick at about 5 seconds. At 10 reps per kick, right and left side or 50 seconds per kick, you would be able to build three training routines of continuous kicking for 15 minutes.

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Everyone Has A Plan Until He Gets Hit!

Big Mike Tyson has popularized that boxing adage that goes back over a hundred years. It is the rule for the Xenon Warrior, and it is the reason endurance training is useless for the MMA fighter. Your body reacts to the trauma of getting hit by sending blood (oxygen) to the impact area, and trauma causes muscle fatigue. Kicking a bag or dummy helps, but add to that having your training partner hit you with a padded staff takes you closer to cage fighting.

The same thing applies to your upper body. Every punch or elbow strike you make against a bag should be met with a strike by your training partner. The trauma of being hit will take a lot out of you, but xenon will help you keep going when your opponent is wiped out.

Forget Winning!

The Xenon Warrior does not train to win. He trains with techniques to wear his opponent down and open the opportunity to strike or grab his opponent and use the techniques he has learned to win. He strikes the Three Star so he can paralyze the arms of the opponent. He kicks with his shins, in anticipation of the Tai Kwan Do fighter who has trained with shin pads all his life.

The Xenon Warrior practices his techniques, and trains to make opening for those techniques, and xenon helps keep him getting exhausted while getting there.